Directed by Vanessa Gould

Release Year: 2017
Running time: 95
Country: U.S.
Language: English
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MSRP: $599.00
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Directed by: Vanessa Gould

At a time when the free press is under threat, OBIT. takes a rare look inside one of the United States’ foremost journalistic institutions, The New York Times. The steadfast writers of the paper's Obituaries section approach their work with journalistic rigor and narrative flair, each day depositing the details of a handful of extraordinary lives into the cultural memory. Going beyond the byline and into the minds of those chronicling the recently deceased, OBIT. is ultimately a celebration of life that conveys the central role journalism plays in capturing and reporting vital pieces of our history.


"Critic's Pick! Observant, graceful and nonchalantly witty. One comes away from Obit. grateful that the paper has at its disposal a team of humane, gifted people who make commemorating the dead a lively, lasting art."

—Gene Seymour, The New York Times

"Fascinating and surprisingly funny.”

—Rex Reed, Observer

"A remarkably good film about the craft of writing. I was amazed and often delighted by Obit."

—Stuart Klawans, The Nation

"Unfailingly refreshing and engrossing. Obituary writing as practiced by the ace team at The New York Times could be the most imaginative and organic form of journalism in contemporary newspapers."

—Michael Sragow, Film Comment

"Inspirational, uplifting and often hilarious. Gould has crafted the perfect documentary."

—William Garre, The Upcoming

"One of the few great films I've seen about writing."

—Erik Luers, Filmmaker Magazine

"A more lighthearted film on such a seemingly dark subject is hard to imagine.”

—Mitchell Abidor, Jewish Currents

"Engaging and lively. An enjoyable behind-the-scenes look at one of journalism's odder jobs."

—John Defore, The Hollywood Reporter

"A must-see. Breathes new life into the obituary."

—Jim Slotek, Toronto Sun

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