Cecil B. DeMille


Screen icon Gary Cooper stars as peace-loving Chris Holden, an 18th-century militiaman who buys and ...

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Four Frightened People

When a deadly bubonic plague breaks out on a coastal steamer ship, four passengers steal a lifeboat ...

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Reap the Wild Wind

Along the seaboard of the American South, cut-throat salvagers who profit from the wrecks of transat...

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The Sign of the Cross

In the year 64 A.D., the corrupt and maniacal Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar torches the city so he ca...

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The Plainsman

Teaming up with his lover Calamity Jane, as well as Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok helps to pac...

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Union Pacific

In 1862, during the struggle to build America’s first transcontinental railroad, Jeff Butler, ...

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